Wish List

Thank you for donating a wish list item! AFRP has an average of 200 cats and 85 dogs in our care at any given time, and operates a busy office. Your wish list donations help us care for the animals in foster homes, and help us lower our office expenses. You can bring your donations to the AFRP Adoption Center at 160 Fountain Ave in Pacific Grove, CA. We are open 7 days a week from 12pm - 5pm. If you have additional questions, please call us at 831-333-0722. 

AFRP also has an Amazon Wish List Donating a wish list item has never been easier! With one click, your items will be shipped directly to AFRP. Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile, an easy way to support AFRP every time you make a purchase! 

Here are some supplies that are always needed:


Small and medium dog collars

Small and medium dog harnesses

No-pull harnesses for medium and large dogs

Colorful cat collars (with safety releases)

Leashes  (no flex leashes please)

Cat beds

Dog beds

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kits

Food and water bowls

Clean litter boxes

Cat litter

Baby gates

Exercise pens

Top loading cat carriers

Citronella anti-bark collars and refills

Dog chew toys including Kongs, etc

Cat toys of all kinds

Flea prevention products for cats and dogs

Puppy pads

Baby scales for weighing kittens

Kitten nursing kits

KMR kitten milk replacement

Pure Bites chicken treats

Pet safe heating pads and discs

Corrugated cardboard cat scratching pads

Cat climbing trees

Postage stamps

Copy paper

Colored paper

Business envelopes (regular and window)

File Folders

Prepaid gas cards for our transport vans

Folding chairs and folding tables

Air purifiers and fans

Ziplock bags (sandwich size)

Dry Erase markers

Gift cards from Pet Food Express, Petsmart, Petco, Stone’s Pet Store, Target

Thank you!