Courtesy Listings - Cats

The cats posted on this page are not part of AFRP’s adoption program. They are included on our website as a courtesy to individuals looking for homes for their cats. We give priority to animals looking for homes in Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County. All cats and kittens must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for a courtesy post. Learn more about submitting a courtesy listing for a pet in need of a home.


AFRP has not met, evaluated or interacted with these animals and cannot make any guarantees about their health or temperament. To learn more or arrange a meeting with these pets, please use the contact information listed for each animal. Do not contact AFRP or fill out an AFRP Adoption Application for these animals. Adoption process and rehoming fee is at the discretion of the pet’s guardian.

Peach & Clay

Breed: DSH Orange Tabbies
Age: 11 Months
Gender: Male

Posted 3-10-22. Peach and Clay are 11-month-old brothers that are very bonded to each other and are looking for a home together. They are both very shy but super sweet. They love to cuddle on the couch. They will do best in a calm environment with an adopter that has the patience to help them blossom and gain confidence. They are healthy, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and they have perfect litter box manners. Peach and Clay have lived their entire lives with other friendly cats and dogs, and they would do fine in a multi-pet household. These are not AFRP cats and they currently live in Seaside, CA. Asking a $130 adoption donation for the pair. For more information please contact Katrina at 831-235-7845 or email


Breed: DSH Grey Tabby
Age: 14 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 3-1-22. Kona is a 14-year-old grey tabby that has been spayed and microchipped. She and her kitty companion Gigi, also listed, are looking for a home because their guardian has medical problems that are making it difficult for her to care for the cats. Kona is an indoor-only cat that is very friendly and gentle. She loves to curl on your lap for a nap. Kona is on a prescription diet to promote digestive health. The cats currently live in the Scotts Valley area. For more information call Mayumi at 831-706-8839 or email


Breed: DSH Black
Age: 12 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 3-1-22. Gigi is a 12-year-old black cat that has been neutered and microchipped. He and his kitty companion Kona, also listed, are looking for a home because their guardian has medical problems that are making it difficult for her to care for the cats. Gigi is an indoor-only cat that is very friendly and talkative. He loves to curl on your lap and snuggle on your shoulders. Gigi is a healthy cat and is on a prescription food to promote urinary tract health. The cats currently live in the Scotts Valley area. For more information call Mayumi at 831-706-8839 or email


Breed: DSH Brown Tabby
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 2-23-22. Dave is a sweet two-year-old domestic shorthair who deserves a great home. When Dave was a kitten he loved to hang out with us, play, and lay in his cat tree. Because we are a military family, we have had to move since getting Dave, and will continue to do so every two years. Unfortunately, Dave has developed some anxiety, which worsened after adding a puppy to the family. Despite trying medication from the vet, nothing has helped. If there is anyone at the house other than myself or my son, even my husband, Dave will not come out from under my bed. He was adopted along with his sister, so he does well with other cats, but he deserves a quiet, stable, dog-free home where he can be the sweet cat we know that he is. Please contact me if you think you might be a good fit for Dave. Taylor Laney (210)429-0024

Temba & Tombi

Breed: DSH Black
Age: 3 Months
Gender: Females

Posted 1-10-22. Temba (meaning "hope" in Zulu) and Tombi (meaning "girl" in Zulu) are fun and playful 3-month-old black kittens that love to play. These friendly girls purr loudly the moment you start to pet them! They are spayed, vaccinated and are in good health. For more information about giving these kittens a loving home, please email Lisa at


Breed: DLH Grey Tabby
Age: 7 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 1-6-22. Mandy is a petite 7-year-old spayed female grey tabby with a silky-soft coat. Her owner recently passed away and she is looking for a new home where she can be an only cat in the household or live with a another adult cat that does not expect to play or interact.  She's a very quiet and well mannered cat that likes to sleep on her heated bed, and she happily uses her scratching pad instead of the furniture. She has her playful moments and likes her fishing pole toy and sparkly balls. She's a very sweet cat that likes petting on her own terms, and though she is not really a lap cat she likes to be near you. She is not clingy or needy and can entertain herself. Mandy is a good groomer, but due to her long coat she benefits from weekly brushing to prevent mats and tangles. Her litter box habits are impeccable. She prefers good quality wet food twice a day, and she has good eating habits. She is an indoor cat that should only go outside on a harness and leash or under close supervision. Mandy is not an AFRP cat. For more information please email Aimee at


Breed: DLH Orange Tabby
Age: 12 Years
Gender: Male

Posted 12-29-21. Leo is a 12 year old domestic long hair cat looking for a new home.  He's a friendly boy that likes people and gets along with other cats.  He was rescued after being abandoned by his family and left to live alone outside in a gated condo complex.  Leo would probably do best in an environment where he can go between indoors and outdoors.  He loves to play with cat toys and loves his scratch box.  (He does not claw furniture). He also knows how to use a cat door. Like many older cats, Leo has elevated thyroid numbers and is currently taking medication to keep him in a healthy range. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.  Leo is not an AFRP cat and currently lives in Salinas. For more information about giving Leo a loving home, please email Steve at


Breed: DSH Brown Tabby
Age: 16 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 11-2-21. Bel is a very sweet, very shy senior who needs a new home due to a child in the family with severe allergies. She is healthy, spayed, chipped, vax'd and recently had a senior work up at the vet. Currently living in the garage, Bel needs a very patient adopter willing to feed and water an invisible cat for as long as it takes - even if that means never - for her to come out of hiding. She's a hider, not a runner and is very untrusting. Calling to her, cooing, and trying to coax her out will only do the opposite. She wants a dark corner and safe place to eat and sleep. She has never wanted exercise or play time. She is very sedentary and calm. Once she warms up she loves being petted and will lay next to you but she's not interested in being picked up or laid on a lap. She needs a quiet home with no other dogs or cats or small noisy children. Best would be a home where she has her own space. Her current living situation is in a garage with her own little cat home (which will go with her) and heated bed where she's quite happy and content. Additional challenge may be that she prefers to not use a litter box. Her new home may have a litter box available for her but she prefers not to use one. Her new home would have to have a space for her to "go" on dirt or concrete. She prefers one place. For instance right now she potties by the side of the garage which is a convenient place for me to pick it up and clean the concrete as needed. Ideally her new home would be quiet, calm, and willing to let her live the last 4-5 yeas of her life in their garage, granny cottage, etc. For more information please email Alissa at


Breed: DSH Tortie
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 10-25-21. Zelda is a beautiful 2-year-old tortoiseshell with a friendly and affectionate personality. She gave birth to four kittens several months ago, and now she is spayed, vaccinated and in great health. Zelda is a well mannered house cat that loves belly rubs and enjoys attention. She is litter-box trained and she is a wonderful companion. Zelda is not an AFRP cat. For more information, please contact Sherri at 831-320-9210 or email


Breed: Tortie-Point Siamese
Age: 10 Years
Gender: Female

Posted 9-30-21. Jinx is a soft and sweet 10-year-old spayed female tortie-point Siamese mix with a friendly and gentle personality. Her elderly guardian recently passed away, and now Jinx is looking for a new loving home. Jinx is great with children and is used to having a dog living next door. She was previously an indoor/outdoor cat, but she would adjust nicely to a safe, indoor-only lifestyle. Jinx is not an AFRP cat and she currently lives in Santa Cruz. For more information contact MarieLouise at 831-661-5775 or email  


Breed: DSH Orange Tabby
Age: 5 Years
Gender: Male

Post renewed 10-29-21. This is Loki! He is a handsome, loving, healthy cat in need of a new home due to some landlord issues. Loki is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. He is a smart, communicative cat that will greet you at the door, take naps by your side and curl up on your lap. He has been an indoor-only cat with access to a garage. He was previously a stray. Loki loves people but he had some issues with the other cat in the home. He'll probably be happiest as a single cat in the household. He is unknown with dogs. Loki is not an AFRP cat. If you can give this great cat the loving safe home he deserves, please call Elizabeth at 831-214-8762.



Luke & Chewie

Breed: DSH
Age: Adult
Gender: Male

Posted 2-16-21. Luke and Chewy are 4-year-old brothers that would like to be adopted together! They are healthy, neutered, and up to date on vaccines. Their owner found them as newborn kittens on his patio, and they have always been together. Luke (grey tabby) loves attention and he'll greet you at the door and roll on your feet when he wants attention. He's a true lap cat that likes to be held and enjoys taking long naps and playing with his brother. Chewy, (orange tabby) is also lovable but is a bit shy and he'll run and hide when he is stressed. He loves to chase laser pointers, lounging on the sofa, perching at the top of the cat tree and bird-watching from the window. He loves attention, but on his own terms. Their guardian will give their new adopter their cat litter boxes, cat tree, toys, and other supplies. Luke and Chewie are not AFRP cats and currently live in Newark, CA. For more information please contact Eric at 408-772-1180 or email